What Information Should You Make Available ?


You can provide personal information about yourself, where you kept your important documents as well how they can be retrieved. Also, you can give out instructions on how you want things to be worked out after your death.

Decisive details

Several questions which require unique answers from every individual abound, and you can provide the answers to these questions to save your loved ones the stress of guessing after your demise. You can provide the answers to the questions below:

Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you want to donate your organs? Do you have any life insurance? Do you have a will and where is it kept? Do you have life insurance?  Do you have investments?

Information to help your Family and friends

You wouldn’t want your family and friends to get stranded when you’re no more. There’s the need to provide contact information for family and friends, and details that would let them know how to access your address book.

Digital-related information

It could be quite a hassle trying to access your accounts, media, laptops, phones and other devices when you’re gone. That’s why you need to provide the access, passwords and login details to these accounts so your family can have access to these after your demise.


Here, you provide the information and instruction concerning your household and personal items including your pets.

We would suggest that you do not include: passwords and  pin numbers among others in your note to your finder rather have these kept in a secure place off line.



Example Note

 An example of the type of note you can leave could be like the one below.

Dear Bob

Thank you for accepting my Last Post.

Firstly I have all of my paperwork in the filing draw in my home office .

Here you will find a list of what i would like to happen at my funeral as well as important contact information

of my Will, Insurance policy's and what I would like to happen to some of my household items.

In this file is also a list of all of my password for my Computer , Ipad , phone ect.

If you need access to my safe there is a note with the location of the keys this is taped to the bottom of the second draw of my desk.

This is all the information you should need.

Again I can not thank you enough for doing this for me .