Everyone wishes to live long, but death is bound to come anytime. Would you like to make life easier for those that would mourn you when you’re no more? Everyone wants a better life for their loved ones and family members. As such, no one would cheerfully want to make loved ones go through the hassle of finding lost information during their afterlife.

You can save everyone the stress and troubles that may arise at an already stressful time.

Just sign up for the BASIC or ADVANCED package.


This package enables you to leave instructions and information for your "FINDER".  You can leave a note on the site but, you’ll just need to create your own lists and instructions.


This will give you the ability to leave instructions for your "FINDER".  Also, you’ll have access to our templates to help you with the information that you may want to pass on to your "FINDER".

Sign up, create a note, and nominate two people of your choice; one as your "FINDER" and the other as your "VERIFIER".


The finder is the person you designate and uphold to know your hidden details, facts, instructions and information that will be necessary when you’re no more.


The verifier is one of the two people you nominate. This is the person that will verify the fact that you’ve died.